How can counselling help?

Different counsellors have different explanations for what counselling can do, which reflects their personal ethos and approach.

My explanation is that counselling helps you to understand why things are the way they are now, where those things in life came from, and then how to change –  if you want to change.

I don’t offer “quick fix” solutions, because they don’t stick; fundamental patterns and problems will just be repeated in the future. But talking to someone else, speaking out loud, helps to explore a topic or issue. Having someone listening, giving you the space to talk and think for yourself, can be a very powerful experience. The entire counselling process is what can help to make life-long changes.

The main service I offer is bringing my experience and expertise to the counselling relationship with you, so that you can have that opportunity to change. Counselling can help you to shake that feeling of being stuck, desperately unhappy, or even just a  sense of stagnation in life.

I do, of course, offer confidentially, professionalism and a service you can trust, along with the flexibility that you need. But the really important thing is that you feel like I’m the right person for you to talk to. I hope that I have given you a sense of who I am, to help you decide whether I am the sort of person you want to talk to.

What happens next?

If you would like to know more, please get in touch through calling, texting, or emailing me. There is no obligation to arrange any sessions. However, if you choose to arrange a first meeting, we can then discuss days and times, and any other preferences or requirements that you may have.

In our first session we will discuss confidentiality, privacy, and other legal or ethical issues (you can read about this in my section on Confidentiality). We will also discuss what you are wanting from counselling, and go from there.


Currently, the rooms that I use for therapy sessions require you to use the stairs, and are not wheelchair accessible.

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