Terms and Conditions

Please read my terms and conditions carefully. If you choose to use or access this website, you are also choosing to accept these terms and conditions. If you wish to reject these terms and conditions, please do not continue to view the site.

Holidays and cancellations

For sudden or unexpected illness on my part, I will attempt to give you as much notice as possible.

For holidays and cancellations, I require at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your session; otherwise you will be charged £20. Non-attendance without notice incurs the full fee of £45. For more information on my cancellation policy, please follow this link here.

Session specifics

I charge the industry standard of £45 per hour, and review my rates annually. For more information on my prices, please follow this link here.

Legal disclaimers

The content of the Ergo Counselling & Psychotherapy website (referred to as ECP from here on) is intended for information only. We expressly disclaims liability for mistakes or omissions in the site content.

My website copyright

The pages written on the ECP site are only for use here; none of the content may be used for commercial purposes of any kind. We grant the web user the right to use material only by downloading and storing for private use only. Do not publish, print, or reproduce materials from the site in print, digital, or other media publications without consent.

ECP owns the copyright for all materials on the site, having either made or lawfully purchased them. Materials include the logos, header images, photographs, any other images, and other content such as articles or text. Where relevant we have give the necessary material credit.

Content can be changed or updated without notice. We also retain the right to change access to the site at any time, also without notice. If need be we reserve the right to close down the site indefinitely.

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