Working towards change

Therapy can help you to achieve change, so that you can have more control over your life. It can help you gain insights which might otherwise take years, or never be reached.

My approach to counselling is focused on developing the relationship between the client and the counsellor. I think it’s crucial that you find the counsellor who is right for you.

The most important thing is whether you feel like you can talk to me. I have experience of building that relationship with many different clients, and creating the trust needed to explore anything.


If you’re interested to know about my therapy approach and whether I’m the right counsellor for you, please see the ‘Why Counselling?‘ section.


I am a BACP qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, and I hold a Masters degree in Psychology. Much of my experience has been working with people who suffer from anxiety and depression, or related issues. On the personal side, my approach to life and my general way of thinking is quite philosophical. I draw on all of these aspects during counselling sessions.

I currently work out of Leeds city centre, and have availability on weekends and evenings. I am contactable through email, mobile, and sms, or you can use my Contact page.

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